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Category Date Publisher
Amarcord Discography 1973, 1974, 2000, 2003 Sugar Music
Amarcord Nino Rota / I Remember Nino Rota Discography 1981, 1991  
Avion Travel - Nino Rota: L'Amico Magico Discography 2009-Oct-16  
Bella Luna Discography 2008-Nov-5  
Bravo Nino Rota Discography 2001 Sugar Music
Chansons Pour Fellini - Nino Rota, Katyna Ranieri Discography 1987  
Concerto Di Musiche Da Film Discography 1977 Sugar Music
Concerto Premio Rota Discography 1997  
Dancing with / Ballando con Nino Rota Discography 1996 Sugar Music
Fellini Jazz Discography 2003 Sugar Music
Harmonia Ensemble - Nino Rota Discography 1992  
Katyna Ranieri chante Fellini Musique de Nino Rota Discography 1989  
Le Grandi Colonne Sonore Di Nino Rota Discography 1992  
Le piu belle musiche: Fellini e Visconti Discography 2004 Sugar Music
Nino Rota Live In Japan Discography    
Nino Rota Orchestral Works Vol 2 Discography 2013-Jun-25  
Nino Rota Plays Nino Rota Discography 1993  
Nino Rota Por Solistas Brasileiros Discography 1991  
Nino Rota Tutti i Film di Fellini / Nino Rota Toutes Les Musiques De Film De Fellini Discography 1973, 1974 Sugar Music
Nino Rota...Fellini: Orchestra Improvista Discography 1995  
Nino Rota: Le Musiche Pianistiche dei Film di Fellini / Piano Music from Fellini's Films Discography 1997  
Orient Express Discography 1989  
Remembering Nino Rota Discography 2011  
Richard Galliano / Nino Rota Discography 2011-Oct-7  
Secondo Tempo Discography 2001 Sugar Music
Severino Gazzelloni Plays Nino Rota Discography 1983, 1993 Sugar Music
The Club Foot Orchestra plays Nino Rota Discography 1997 Sugar Music
The Essential Nino Rota Film Music Collection Discography 2003-Aug-26  
The Symphonic Fellini Rota Discography 1993  
The Ultimate Best of Federico Fellini & Nino Rota Discography 2006  
Tribute To Nino Rota Discography 1999  
Tutto Fellini Discography 1991 Sugar Music