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Rota's Mass for choir and organ is published in two editions: for three-part mixed choir and for four-part male choir, each with organ. The organ part is identical in both editions. As a consequence, it is possible to perform the work with varying choir ensembles. The mass, with Latin text, is suitable both for amateur choirs and in small churches or concert halls.

Arrangiamento / Arrangement: Tre voci dispari e organo, quattro voci maschili e organo

Contenuto / Content:

  1. Kyrie - Andante con moto
  2. Gloria - Allegro
  3. Credo - Senza lentezza
  4. Sanctus Benedictus - Andante
  5. Agnus Dei - Calmo

Durata / Duration: 00:30:00

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Sheet Music

Date 1961
Publisher Schott Music