Movie Hits And Other Romantic Songs/Love Theme From The Godfather

Category Discography

Performed by: 101 Strings

Conducted by: Jack Dorsey

Track List:

Side 1:

  1. Love Theme From The Godfather (2:34)
    (N. Rota/L Kusik)
  2. Theme From Nicholas And Alexandra (3:05)
    (R.R. Bennett)
  3. Theme From Godspell (2:54)
    (S. Schwartz)
  4. Theme From Spartacus (2:57)
    (E.L. Jefe/ M. Huckbridge)
  5. Brian's Song (3:24)
    (M. Legrand)

Side 2:

  1. Joy To The World (2:16)
    (H. Axton)
  2. I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (2:49)
  3. Kiev Evening
    (J. F. Kuhn)
  4. Westward Ho (2:29)
    (E. L. Jefe/ M. Huckbridge)
  5. Shipboard Romance (4:10)
    (J. F. Kuhn)

Record Label: Alshire Records (LP: S-5276)

Date 1972