The Godfather Trilogy

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Musical highlights from the three Francis Ford Coppola landmark films. Includes nine pieces for piano solo, including: Speak Softly Love (Love Theme From The Godfather), Come Live Your Life With Me (The Godfather Waltz) and more. Features black and white and color photos.

Strumentazione / Instrumentation: piano and vocals

Contenuto / Content:

  • Antico Canto Siciliano (Wedding Procession - Sicilian Love Song)
  • Come Live Your Life With Me (The Godfather Waltz)
  • Godfather II
  • The Godfather Mazurka
  • The Godfather Tarantella
  • Kay's Theme
  • Michael's Theme
  • Promise Me You'll Remember (Love Theme)
  • Speak Softly, Love (Love Theme)

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Publisher Hal Leonard