Valley of the Eagles / La Valle Delle Aquile

Category Filmography

Sinossi / Synopsis: A Norwegian scientist builds a device that can convert sound waves into electrical energy. However, the machine is stolen by the scientist's wife and assistant, who head across the frozen tundra towards Russia. A police inspector and a local girl team up with the scientist to help recover the device.

Regia / Director: Terence Young

Soggetto e sceneggiatura / Story and screenplay: Nat A. Bronstein (original story), Paul Tabori (original story), Terence Young

Cinematografia / Cinematography: Harry Waxman

Musica / Music: Nino Rota

Montaggio / Editing: Lito Carruthers

Suono / Sound: Graeme Hamilton

Trucco / Makeup: George Blackler

Interpreti / Cast: Nadia Gray, Jack Warner, John MacCallum

Produzione / Producer: Nat A. Bronstein, Independent Sovereign Film

Date 1951