Polina Osetinskaya: Nino Rota & Leonid Desyatnikov

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Piano: Polina Osetinskaya, recorded at Great Hall of Saint Petersburg Philharmonic

Nino Rota
Suite from Federico Fellini's Casanova
15 Prelues for Piano

Leonid Desyatnikov
Nachklange aus dem Theater, Suite for Piano (Theatre Echoes)
In Honour of Dickens, Waltz
Nocturne from Giselle Obsession
Credit Titles from Moscow Nights
Happiness and Albumblatt from The Target

This disc of pieces played by the pianist Polina Osetinskaya brings together the music of Nino Rota and Leonid Desyatnikov. What these composers have in common is not just that they lived in the 20th century but the way their works challenges what academic music had become. Neither Rota or Desyatnikov has ever been part of any musical movement and they have written no theoretical tracts, as was all the rage in the 20th century, but we can still see their music as a riposte to contemporary isolationism, arrogance and fear of the listener.

Track List:

    Suite from Federico Fellini's Casanova by Nino Rota
  1. O Venezia, Venaga, Venusia (4:09)
  2. L'ucello magico (2:07)
  3. Intermezzo della mantide religiosa (4:25)
  4. The Great Mouna Nino Rota( 2:58)
  5. Il duca di Wurttemberg - 1a parte (1:28)
  6. Il duca di Wurttemberg - 2a parte (1:49)
  7. La Poupée automate (2:23)

    15 preludes for Piano by Nina Rota
  8. Allegro molto (1:48)
  9. Allegro, ma espressivo e delicate (1:29)
  10. Allegretto con spirit (1:15)
  11. Andante sost.ed espressivo (1:57)
  12. Con impeto (2:07)
  13. Andante (1:55)
  14. Allegro con spirit (1:19)
  15. Lento, con accento (1:47)
  16. Allegretto quasi andantino (1:36)
  17. Allegro mosso e marcato (1:03)
  18. Andante senza lentezza (2:11)
  19. Allegro (1:18)
  20. Andante cantabile (1:23)
  21. Allegro non troppo e marcato (1:25)
  22. Allegro robusto (1:13)

    Nachklange aus dem Theater, Suite for Pinao (Theater Echoes) by Leonid Desyatnikov
  23. Overture. Masque (2:16)
  24. From Kashchey's life (2:25)
  25. Vaudeville (1:31)
  26. Jamais... (Elegy) (4:16)
  27. Rondeau-chase (1:52)
  28. Little Bells (to the memory of E. Rosenfield) (2:54)
  29. Finale. Masque (2:33)
  30. In Honour of Dickens, Waltz (4:48)

    Giselle Obsession by Leonid Desyatnikov
  31. Nocturne (4:00)

    Moscow Nights by Leonid Desyatnikov
  32. Credit Titles (4:52)

    The Target by Leonid Desyatnikov
  33. Happiness (1:15)
  34. Albumblatt (2:10)

Record Label: Quartz Music (B00LUZA3TW)

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Date January 13, 2015