Lo Scoiattolo in Gamba / The Witty Squirrel

Category Opera, Theatre, Ballet

Arrangiamento / Arrangement: Fable in un atto e quattro tableaux di Eduardo de Filippo.

Prima Esecuzione/First Performance: 16 September 1959 Venezia, Teatro La Fenice

Strumentazione / Instrumentation:

  • 1 e 2 Flute, Ottavino, Oboe, 1 e 2 Clarinet in si bem, 1 e 2 Cornet in fa, 1 e 2 Trombone in do, Trombone, Timpani, Xilofono, Celesta, Glockenspiel, Bells, Arpa

Cast di Personaggi / Cast of Characters:

  • La Scoiattolo - Soprano, Il Re - Bass, Il Ciambellano - Baritono, Un ministro, un autista - Tenor, Gli invitati del Re - Coro

Durata / duration: 00:35:00

Nino Rota composed his first oratorio, L’infanzia di San Giovanni Battista (1919), at the precocious age of eight and conducted this work himself only four years later. He also approached the genre of music theatre at an early age: in 1926, he completed his first work for the stage Il Principe porcaro (The Swineherd). More than twenty-five years would however pass before Rota composed his next music theatre work: Lo scoiattolo in gamba, based on a fable by Eduardo de Filippo, was not written until 1959. Like Il Principe porcaro, this is also a music theatre work for children.
The orphan squirrel complains of his cruel fate: he has not only lost his parents, but also his teeth. King Pappone comes to his aid and presents him with a set of golden teeth. The squirrel promises to prepare a sumptuous meal for him and his attendants as a reward for his help. The king accepts this offer, but threatens the squirrel with its life if it doesn’t fulfill its part of the bargain. One month passes and the impatient king sends an ultimatum to the squirrel to honour his promise. The squirrel swiftly sets to work, but suddenly discovers that his teeth have grown back! Now he has no further need of the king’s gift. He hides the dishes he has prepared, runs back into the wood and enjoys life while the king and his attendants collapse from hunger. Lo scoiattolo in gamba is a fabulous children’s opera for both young and old penned by the world-famous film score composer Nino Rota and should be performed on all stages committed to children’s music theatre.

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Sheet Music

Date 1959
Publisher Schott Music