Ogni Anno Punto e da Capo

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Arrangiamento/Arrangement: Musiche di scena per il teatro / Incidental music for theater

(From the foreword to the sheet music, available soon).

Ogni anno punto e da capo [Every year right from the start] is a single-act comedy written by Eduardo De Filippo, first performed at the Teatro Nuovo in Naples in 1931. For the work's revival at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan in October 1971, Eduardo De Filippo asked Nino Rota to arrange several Italian Rivista (revue)* songs from the 1930s and provide some additional music. The plot of the play serves as a framework for the characters who are currently preparing for the famous Piedigrotta, a Neapolitan folk festival of ancient origins celebrated on 8 September, chiefly focused on a singing competition with a specific theme. The participants begin preparation for this event months in advance.

The currently published piano reduction is all that is left of Rota's arrangements and new compositions; it most likely formed the basis for an instrumental version which was scored for voice, trumpet, trombone, piano, percussion, guitar, violin and double bass. The only arrangements to have survived are the separate sections of the four songs presented in this publication.

It must be noted that several choruses are repeated in different songs, thereby emphasising the "stage music" character of these pieces in which motifs of previously heard songs were repeated according to the music theatre style of the time.

Bruno Moretti
(Translation: Lindsay Chalmers-Gerbracht)

* Rivista (revue) was a theater form popular between the two world wars consisting of a series of songs interspersed by dance interludes.

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Date 1971
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